Zett Family History

Olsavica, Slovakia
Olsavica, Slovakia – the Zett (Zid) Family Ancestral Home

I dedicate this site to the members of the  Zett (Zid, Zsid and similar variations), Vrabel (Vrabely), Pfeiffer, and Ott families, which are my paternal and maternal grandparents’ surnames.

I wanted another connection point for my family members (both the ones I grew up, with as well as the newly discovered “DNA relatives.”) and figured a humble blog might do the trick.

Although I’m on Ancestry.com , 23andme, FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage   and FamilySearch.org, some family members are not inclined to visit these sites. So, this blog is another entry way into our shared, complicated and sometimes confusing family history.

Ancestral countries/areas include (but are not limited to): Austro-Hungarian Empire, Slovakia, Prussia, Germany, Belgium, France and Ukraine.

Many of  my ancestors are members of ethnic groups that don’t usually have countries associated with them: Carpatho-Rusyn, Roma, and Ashkenazim.

Both sets of my grandparents came from their respective countries to Johnstown, PA. Some stayed, while others, such as my family moved elsewhere.

After the Johnstown Flood of 1889

I will also add tips, links and other stuff that I’ve found useful.

So, if you’re a family member,  make sure to introduce yourself.

If you’re not a family member and are interested in topics like Eastern European genealogy, general research, writing, etc., please look around. You might find information that will help your genealogical journey.

It’s not “done” and I suspect it never will be.  Genealogy/Family History is a non-linear journey with a lot of twists and turns and something I work on as I have time.

As much as I love researching, I have to stop that frequently and keep on top of the admin work (scanning photos and records and documenting). As a result, this will always be a work in progress.