School Daze (continuing education)

Part of being one of the family genealogists means that I have to stay one step ahead of all the questions family and friends volley at me.  The most common question? – “Where can I go to learn more?”  I’ve wondered that myself and I’ve carved together an educational path that works well for me–and invite you to do the same. Free Online Genealogy Learning … Continue reading School Daze (continuing education)

Genealogy Tips – Mythbusting

Oh, the places my DNA and I have been!! I resisted the Ancestry hype and commercials for a long time, assuming that the DNA testing wouldn’t work for “someone like me” with recent Eastern and Central European ancestry. Also, since my Dad was dead and I had no brothers, how complete would a DNA test be? Note: At that point, the concept of Autosomal DNA … Continue reading Genealogy Tips – Mythbusting

4th of July 2017

July is a poignant month for my family–early July marks the Anniversaries of my Dad’s death and my paternal Grandfather’s birth. Near the end of the month (July 24th) is the anniversary of The Eastland Disaster, where my great-aunt and 800+ others lost their lives. On that hot July morning in downtown Chicago, they had just boarded the large ship chartered by Western Electric for … Continue reading 4th of July 2017