Synchronicity & Genealogy

Having studied Jungian psychology in both undergrad and grad schools, I resonated particularly with Jung’s writings on “meaningful coincidences” (AKA “synchronicity”). What does that have to do with genealogy? I had two separate significant journeys into my family’s past and I’ll write about the initial one: The first one happened when my mother’s sister, a former Chicago reporter, wrote about my maternal grandmother’s family in … Continue reading Synchronicity & Genealogy

Plain brown wrapper

My adventures in genealogy were sparked on fall afternoon some twenty years ago when I tried to free a crumbled  10 x 13, manila envelope that was wedged into my mailbox. When I finally extricated it, my eyes bugged out at seeing the return address. It was from from my mother’s half-sister in Chicago.  My first thought: “Holy hell, I thought she was dead!” While … Continue reading Plain brown wrapper