Out of the Shadows – Andy Zett’s story

I decided to take on a challenging project: the story of my grandfather, Andy Zett. “Challenging” largely because Andy’s death, by suicide, relegated him to the backwater  and shadows of the family history. Also, since Andy died in 1935, most who would have known him are also gone.  There’s only one cousin still living who remembers the event.  Since she was a child when it … Continue reading Out of the Shadows – Andy Zett’s story

Resources: Eastern European Genealogy

Introduction Eastern European history, records, and ancestry scare some some people, and according to some fellow genealogists, I’m treading where many fear to go. What are you supposed to do though if that’s your ancestry? I am fearless though. I grew up surrounded by Babushkas–nearly every house had one, and every Babushka kept a watchful vigil, dutifully reporting any behavioral infractions to our families.  Annoying? … Continue reading Resources: Eastern European Genealogy