Synchronicity & Genealogy

Having studied Jungian psychology in both undergrad and grad schools, I resonated particularly with Jung’s writings on “meaningful coincidences” (AKA “synchronicity”). What does that have to do with genealogy? I had two separate significant journeys into my family’s past and I’ll write about the initial one: The first one happened when my mother’s sister, a former Chicago reporter, wrote about my maternal grandmother’s family in … Continue reading Synchronicity & Genealogy

Out of the Shadows – Andy Zett’s story

I decided to take on a challenging project: the story of my grandfather, Andy Zett. “Challenging” largely because Andy’s death, by suicide, relegated him to the backwater  and shadows of the family history. Also, since Andy died in 1935, most who would have known him are also gone.  There’s only one cousin still living who remembers the event.  Since she was a child when it … Continue reading Out of the Shadows – Andy Zett’s story

Plain brown wrapper

My adventures in genealogy were sparked on fall afternoon some twenty years ago when I tried to free a crumbled  10 x 13, manila envelope that was wedged into my mailbox. When I finally extricated it, my eyes bugged out at seeing the return address. It was from from my mother’s half-sister in Chicago.  My first thought: “Holy hell, I thought she was dead!” While … Continue reading Plain brown wrapper