School Daze (continuing education)

Part of being one of the family genealogists means that I have to stay one step ahead of all the questions family and friends volley at me.  The most common question? – “Where can I go to learn more?”  I’ve wondered that myself and I’ve carved together an educational path that works well for me–and invite you to do the same. Free Online Genealogy Learning … Continue reading School Daze (continuing education)

Genealogy Tips – Mythbusting

Oh, the places my DNA and I have been!! I resisted the Ancestry hype and commercials for a long time, assuming that the DNA testing wouldn’t work for “someone like me” with recent Eastern and Central European ancestry. Also, since my Dad was dead and I had no brothers, how complete would a DNA test be? Note: At that point, the concept of Autosomal DNA … Continue reading Genealogy Tips – Mythbusting