Why don’t they write back?

I’m talking about our genetic cousin matches on Ancestry, 23andMe, MyHeritage, GEDMATCH, etc.  You find a close cousin match–someone you’re never heard of– you send them a message or email. You wait. And wait.  You hear nothing back. Sadly, it’s not an uncommon experience. I’ve had this happen and I’ve read the frustrated comments of  people on various genealogical Facebook groups. They all wonder, “Why … Continue reading Why don’t they write back?

School Daze (continuing education)

Part of being one of the family genealogists means that I have to stay one step ahead of all the questions family and friends volley at me.  The most common question? – “Where can I go to learn more?”  I’ve wondered that myself and I’ve carved together an educational path that works well for me–and invite you to do the same. Free Online Genealogy Learning FamilySearch.org … Continue reading School Daze (continuing education)

Plain brown wrapper

My adventures in genealogy were sparked on fall afternoon some twenty years ago when I tried to free a crumbled  10 x 13, manila envelope that was wedged into my mailbox. When I finally extricated it, my eyes bugged out at seeing the return address. It was from from my mother’s half-sister in Chicago.  My first thought: “Holy hell, I thought she was dead!” While … Continue reading Plain brown wrapper