Time Travel…Finally!

Still from The Time Machine (1960), featuring Rod Taylor

“The Time Machine” was one of my favorite films as kid and I always dreamed of being able to travel back in time (later, I thought of upgrading to a DeLorean).

Now, though, I no longer dream: I travel into the past (in my own special way) regularly, connecting with ancestors’ history via records, photos and stories.  No DeLorean required.

Traditionally (that is, before DNA testing became a “thing”),  those embarking on the genealogical journey started by creating a family tree and would work backward, forward and sideways.

Even if you get your DNA analysis first, I always recommend creating a family tree.

There are so many (sometimes too many) resources to help you on this journey.  I will share tips, tricks and errors I’ve made on my own ancestral journey.